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Customize Softwares

Customize Softwares in gurgaon

We are specialized in custom application projects that will easily integrate into your business needs. We can design any Payroll Management , Retail Management , Call Billing Software , Call Billing Software for DID , Integrated Voice Response , MarketWatch , Transport Management , Voice Logger. Our solutions can facilitate any small or large business service with security and custom features designed exclusively for your project.




Call Billing Software

CBS The Call Billing Software with AMS(Optional. For IRIS) and Voice Logger(Optional. For IRIS) # Fully Networking Support & User Rights # Capturing of Calls through RS232/IP Port from Exchange (EPBX) # Call Reports and Graph: Extn. No. Wise, Called No. Wise, Department Wise, A/C Code Wise, Trunk No. Wise, Duration Wise, Call Type Wise (Local, STD, ISD), Date Wise Summary, Transferred Calls.

  • Trunk No. Wise Congestion Report

  • Export Call Data to Excel for Generation of MIS Reports.

  • Extn. No./Name Wise Telephone Directory

  • AMS Software(Optional for IRIS/Panasonic) = Agent Management, ACD Management, ACD Que, Trunk Management, Call Type Wise (Like IDLE, HOLD, BUSY, MISSED, RING, OUTGOING, INCOMING)

  • AMS Reports(Optional for IRIS/Panasonic) : Date Wise, Extn. Wise, Agent Wise, ACD Wise, Agent /Status Wise.

  • Agent Summary (Optional for IRIS/Panasonic) : Total Call Offered, Call Received, Call Missed, Hold Count, Busy Count, Avg. Talk Time, Avg. Hold Count.

  • Voice Logger (Optional for IRIS/Panasonic)

  • Complaint Register

  • Compatible With Coral IRIS, DX2000, DX120, Panasonic, Siemens, C-DOT, Samsung, LG, Avaya etc.


Call Billing Software for DID

The Complete Software Solution for Telephone Exchange. EXCHANGE can give you lots of features, which are as follows :-
Telephone Exchange Software for GPAX/DID

  • User wise rights declaration by Super User.

  • Party Maintenance with there area, which helps to take bill printout area wise.

  • Extension details like (Ext.No. Card No., Tag Block No., Pair No., DB No. and MDF Pair No.)

  • Self-Maintained Charging Slabs. Monthly/Fortnightly (Like General User, STD/PCO, Special Customer etc.)

  • Maintained Extension Issue record with Security, Extra Security, STD Security, Refund Details. Security/Installation installments.

  • Scanned Registration Forms that helps you to maintain computerised record of party.

  • Junction Details (Like Junc. No., Trunk No., Pair No., DB Pair No, Incoming/Outgoing Junction)

  • STD/ISD Table

  • Types of Shifting of Phone and there charges (Like Address Change, Phone No. Change, etc.)

  • Maintaining your item details (Like Purchase of Instrument, Wire, Drop Wire, Connector, etc.)

  • Maintaining different type of Machines Data and you can customise your machine details yourself.

  • Import call record from any Machines ASCII data.

  • Capturing of Data From Machine (Like P-30X(BPL), Usha Iris, Panasonic, DX2000 and can be create for different machines also)

  • Call Budgeting in IRIS Machine Only.

  • Reprocess Calls, Exporting Calls to Excel for E-Mail to subscriber.

  • New Connection Details (Like Form No., Party Name, Conn.Dt., Line Man, Cable Used, Security, Payment Details)

  • Voucher Entry (Like Cash Payment/Receipt, Bank Payment/Receipt and Journal Book)

  • Bill Entry having Previous Meter, Current Meter, Rent, Maintenance, Local/STD/ISD Pulse, CLI Charges, Call Details Charges, and Party Commission.

  • Penalty Entry and Edit.

  • Bill Payment Receiving Entry with party cheque bounce penalty.

  • Junction Bill Entry and Payment

  • New Connection Report with pending payment.

  • Telephone Directory, Working and Non-Working connection list.

  • Bill Register, Pending Payment Bill Register, Bill Register with Security and Master Bill Register.

  • Payment Register – Cash/Bank

  • Junction Bill Register

  • Call Status – Incoming/Outgoing, Local/STD/ISD, Party Wise, Extn. Wise, Date Wise Total Calls, Called No. Wise, Minimum/Maximum Duration Wise and AOC comparison.

  • AOC Auto correction.

  • Accounts – Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal Book, Bank Reconciliation, Ledger, Group Summary, P&L, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Payment Reminder Letter.


MarketWatch Software

This application is designed for Commodity Traders to cater their clients efficiently and provide them online screen with trading option. A very effective application that competes the professional applications existing in the market at 1/5th cost.

Features :-

  • Commodity Group

  • Symbols

  • Client Master with Expiry Date, Commodity and Symbol Wise permission.

  • Broker Master

  • Buy / Sell

  • Buy/Sell Limit and Trade Quantity Limit

  • Display Settings like Up Tick, Down Tick, Back Color, Fore Color, Alternate Row Color

  • Connection Setting (IP address, Port no, Auto Login, Change Password)

  • Save Profile

  • Time & Sales

  • Column Profile

  • Blank Row

  • Export Online Data to Excel

Transport Management Software

The Transport Management Software gives you flexibility to manage all type of fleets under one license. The software is a Transport ERP designed specifically to suit Indian Transport Industry. The Transport Management Software meets the end to end requirements of Transport Industry as it includes fleet management, GR/ Dispatch Management, Billing & Accounting Module, Vehicle Maintenance & Inventory Management Module, Payroll and making of Balance sheet.

We take special care to design applications which are user friendly and can be customized to suit the client environment. We provide data integration, implementation at multiple branches, training and customization to make you comfortable with the application.


These are the master settings that are controlled by management as they provide level of operational rights to their team members. SAN has taken care to design a secured environment that eliminates the probability of interference of two department/ branches.

  • Multi User.

  • User Rights Control.

  • User Access limited to his Branch operations.

  • Challan / GR branch wise series allocation.

  • Distance / Destination wise Route Master with details.

  • Integrated Accounting Module with Group / Sub Group and Ledger master.

  • Accounting includes Voucher entry of cash, bank and journal book.

  • Client Wise Rate Contract Master based on destination, item or period.

  • Vehicle Master that keeps record of statutory documents and maintenance details.

  • Driver Master with individual statutory details and payroll management.

  • Staff Master with individual statutory details and payroll management.

  • Garage Inventory Management to distribute and maintain the spares branch-wise.


The front end people deals with the client are required to make transactions. SAN designed user friendly interface that helps the executives to get going with the software in no time.

  • Dispatch/ Challan Entry & Driver settlement on return.

  • Route Payment Voucher.

  • GR/ Builty Entry & receiving.

  • Client / Branch wise periodical Billing.

  • Outsourced / Hired (3rd Party) Vehicle Bill Management.

  • Fuel Bill Management System.

  • Vehicle wise Repair Management System.

  • Tyre Purchase, Allocation and repair management system.

  • Purchase Order Management System

  • Cheque printing facility linked with Purchase module.

  • Bank Reconciliation.

  • Bill adjustment.


These reports are customizable by the users and they provide multiple options to expand or limit the scope of details in each report. These reports can you give you the following details:

  • Dispatch Reports – (Fleet Movement details)

  • Route Payment Reports – (Driver payment details given on the route)

  • GR Report – (party name, GR item, weight & bill no.)

  • Billing Reports – (complete statistics of billed/ unbilled GR) 

  • Vehicle Report – (includes turnaround (Trip Time), Vehicle documents.)

  • Trailer Report – (comprehensive stats of trailers available)

  • Item Reports – (items in regular usage for maintenance)

  • Purchase/ Inventory reports

  • Driver list and vehicle wise report

  • Vehicle wise P & L Report.

Account Reports

These are the financial reports extracted from system. The reports provide you the balance sheet and P&L at a single click. You may also draw various reports that includes:

  • Ledgers

  • Group Summary

  • Cash/Bank Flow

  • Payment Reminders

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank Statements

  • Book Debts

  • Payment Voucher Register

  • Journal Register

  • Bill Register

  • Hire Charges

  • Trial Balance

  • Trial Balance Group wise

  • Balance Sheet

  • Profit & Loss

SanIPPBX Software

Internet Telephony, IP Phone System, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), are the few jargons used for IP PBX. IP PBX is modern evolution as it replaces the bulky hardware based PBX (EPABX) systems and it gets you relief from hefty maintenance contracts, delayed services etc. The working of IP PBX is same as conventional PBX systems; rather it has advance functionality to provide remote extensions across the globe. The system gives you freedom from outdated phone sets and now you can also use the PC (Laptop or desktop) for communication purpose. The application can be customized economically for any establishment that could be office, housing complex, hotel, public utility centre, or a call centre. This comes along with self customizable application CRM, IVR, Dialer, Logger and Voice Mail.

SanWebPay - Web Based Payroll Management Software

SanWebPay Software to ease the most complex salary process and meeting the statutory compliance related to payroll management. This is self customizable with PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Welfare Fund, Loan and Income Tax.

Feature List:-

  • Web Based.

  • Multiple Company

  • Multiple Branch

  • Company and Branch Wise User Rights.

  • Masters Like State, Department, Designation, Grade, Bank, Projects etc.

  • Self definable Pay Heads.

  • Self generated calculation table.

  • Employee Master with Employee Details, Personal Detail, Education Qualification, Work Experience, Projects, Letter Issued etc.
  • Loan Records.

  • HR Letter Master and Issue to Employee.

  • Leave Master

  • Generate customize reports.

  • Salary Slip, Salary Slip E Mail, Salary Sheet

  • PF Register, PF Challan, Form 12A, Form 5, Form 10, Form 3A, Form 6

  • ESI Register, ESI Challan, ESI half Yearly Return

  • Welfare Fund Report

  • Profession Tax Report

  • Project Wise Salary Sheet

  • Bank Sheet

  • Import all master from Excel.

  • Export all reports to Excel, Word and PDF

Voice Logger (For Analog 2,4,8,16 and PRI ports)

oice Logger is a combination of Software and PCI Hardware which records a conversation of Your Side and Client Side in a single PC in WAV/MP3 format. Voice Logger basically works on parallel connection on Analog or Digital Port. Our Voice Logger available in 2 Port, 4 Port, 8 Port, 16 Port, 24 Port, 1 E1 PRI and 2 E1 PRI. It store files into Date Wise folder. The naming convention is like 20080521-11-28-08-120-2144.MP3. Here 20080521 is a date, 11-28-08 is a time, 120 is a port no. and 2144 is a extension no. Our software directly record files into MP3 format hence its take less disk space. Easy search option.

Why record the calls? The success or failure of the activities of many organizations depends on the integrity of the spoken word. A voice recording of the complete conversation can avoid the “I-said/you-said” disputes in which either party can corroborate their own account of what happened. Voice logging is an indispensable tool for transaction-verification and disputer solution. Voice recording can help you in tapping the unscrupulous dealings.

Dispute Resolution & Transaction Verification Whether it is an order or a message, Voice logging is extensively used for confirmation of improper phone behavior, sales verification, order authentication, etc. Especially in voice recording of the telephone environment, where critical information is conversation, it becomes essential to monitor the shared and communicated medium. In the majority of cases, once the conversation recorded is played back to the customers, the agreement to an order or charges is resolved quickly.

Basic Function-    

Support Win98, Win XP, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win Vista.

Available in PCI 2, 4, 8, 16 and 24 Port Analog Line.

Available in USB 2, 4 and 8 Port Analog Line.

Available in PCI ISDN PRI 1 and 2 digital ports.

Record every line in a real time without any disturbance.

Each channel can be labeled with a name and number for ease of record search and retrieve.

Records Files in MP3 Format.

Take low disk space.

Records file in Date Wise folder so that it will be easy to search any calls.

Understandable file naming convention like 20080521-11-28-08-120-2144.MP3.

Special Call Option and can give remarks also.

Integrated Play Option.

Can detect Called ID & Caller ID.

Call Filter by Date, Phone No, Duration, Called ID, Caller ID, Incoming Call, Outgoing Call.

Call Data can be exported to excel also for further your MIS reporting.

Support FSK/DTMF mode.

Record unlimited duration call.

Real Time monitoring activities of channels.

The completely integrated GUI provides a true Windows look-and-feel. All user needs to do is 'point and click' to access all the functions of the Logger, allowing easy administration.

Access your recordings in a matter of seconds using multiple search criteria, unlike other solutions where recordings are accessed only in a serial fashion.

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